Mission | C.A.P.E

Connect | Access | Participate | Educate

As Ireland’s first cross-county cultural centre, SECC encompasses a diverse creative cluster of cultural spaces, places and people all across the South East and beyond. It has been founded with the mission of complimenting the 'Arts Centres' role of increasing connectivity, access, participation and education, to and within high-quality contemporary art and culture throughout every ‘nook and cranny’ across the South East Region.



Throughout the island of Ireland the South East Region has always been a leader in cultural generation. Hosting the first Arts Centre outside of the capital it led the way for the dissemination of Arts Centres across the country. Today however, due to the static and possibly outdated nature of the 'Arts Centre' model multiple cultural voids exist; and due to its wonderful mix of both rural and urban landscape, this is now most evident throughout the South East Region. SECC believes that cultural practitioners and audiences should have the same opportunities to connect, access, participate and educate irrespective of geographic distance.


To facilitate this SECC operates primarily online hosting Ireland's largest, user-generated network of cultural practitioners, organisations and audiences. We deliver a year round research and educational programme, bringing people together through discourse, education and debate, which then underpins our open and international biennial exhibition of Contemporary Art and Culture. Alongside this we operate as a central cultural hub for the region, promoting cultural events throughout the year that are produced and hosted by our sister organisations located throughout the region and beyond.