INTERVIEW: Wilma Vissers from Richard Carr's Spotlight

What led you to become an artist?


At a very young age I became aware of colors and beauty, I became a spectator of the world



Who have been some of your biggest influences and why?


Several artists from art history. When I started I liked the rawness of the use of material in the portraits of the war hostages of Dubuffet. Now I like the playfulness of Richard Tuttle. There are always different aspects in the work of an artist which appeals to you .



What are you working on right now?


I am in a residency on the Shetland islands called the Booth and I am creating prints on paper that I have made myself for this working period here. I find objects while making long walks. Pieces of plastic and special stones. I put paint on it and print them by pushing on it with my hands.



Tell me about your working process, where things begin, how they evolve etc.


Often my working process starts with material which I find. It can be wood or stones or anything else. I see something very special in it, and by the use of color this is emphasized. When I am working in my studio or on a special exhibition, I try to create an installation of all the art works together on the wall. The whites in between the works becomes very important.



Could you describe the environment in which most of your work takes place and does

this in any way effect your practice?  


My studio is an old school room with very high walls and it is very light. This effects the way the artworks are perceived very much. When I am in a residency, then the country and the location where I am is important to me and I can use the creativity in another way. Free of daily obligations I make different choices then at home.



Do you experiment with different materials/processes a lot or do you prefer to work within certain parameters?


I experiment all the time with wood, paint, paper. burning, cutting, sewing etc

Within the wider ‘art’ field do you feel the type of work you make is important today and why? 

I hope it is. It is so very hard to judge by myself. What I create is often in between painting and sculpting and other disciplines. I find it important to be free and not to be limited by boundaries



If you could jump 10 years into the future where would you like to see yourself and your practice?


To be still inspired after working many years



How do you feel online art networks/ communities like the South East Cultural Centre could better support you and your work?


It’s a good website and is active on social media which is important and maybe an exhibition?



Is there anything else you would like to add?


I find it important that there are artists led community's like this. And that artists are active as a curator of exhibitions. I have curated two exhibitions already and I know of other artist who do the same. It is a good influence on the art world. Compassion for art is important for the world.


This is a link to one of the exhibitions



Wilma Vissers


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